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FREE Rehab Checklist: Learn the cost and scope of work on any property.

Rehab cost checklist

What Is A House Rehab?

A house rehab is when someone puts the time and money into fixing up the property. Fixes can be as simple as repair maintain issues of the home Or the rehab can be as extensive as completely gutting the home. Remodeling everything inside from the ground up and updating the style is a full rehab.

What Is A House Rehab Scope Of Work?

A scope of work is an essential the details of all the work to be done. It should carefully list the projects to be completed on a rehab property.  The property rehab checklist is the first part of the process to create the scope of work of the house.

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When the work is done there are 3 main ways to sell your CA house.  

  1. List it with an agent
  2. Sell it yourself (FSBO)
  3. Sell it to a professional home buyer in CA

All three options are great in certain situations…

Learn when to list with an agent, when to sell yourself, and when selling to a real estate investor makes the most sense.

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